Project Briefs

Cross Hudson

Objective: High Voltage Underwater/underground Cable System to New York


Project summary

The Cross Hudson Project involves the engineering and construction of a 345 kV transmission line routed from northern New Jersey to New York City. The route included burial of a portion of the cable in the Hudson River.


Merrimac led the project engineering effort to evaluate different cable technologies, analyze various route options, and characterize both the land and river portions of the route. To minimize project risk, characterization of the river portion included bathymetry, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, jet probing and borings. Merrimac also supported permitting and real estate negotiations.


Merrimac was responsible for coordinating specialist engineering companies in the development of a specification for a fixed price lump sum contract and then worked with PSEG Power and the rest of the project team to assist in bid evaluations and contract negotiations.



• High voltage system design including switchyard

• Risk Management

• Support of project permitting and real estate negotiations


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